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Forensic Assessment Services


Forensic Services are provided to Franklin, Jackson, Delaware, Fairfield, Hocking, Ross, Fayette, Licking, Madison, Pickaway, and Union County and are funded through a contract with Common Pleas and Juvenile Courts. This program is formally certified by the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services.

The contract restricts evaluations to very specific legal questions, e.g., Competency to Stand Trial. Forensic evaluations are initiated upon receipt of a court order. Forensic examiners provide comprehensive diagnostic evaluations for the Court of Common Pleas, General (Criminal) Division in an 11 county Central Ohio area. The Netcare Forensic Center provides evaluations for criminal court systems and the types of evaluations performed include: Competency to Stand Trial (ORC 2945.371.3); Sanity (ORC 2945.371.4); Domestic Violence (ORC 2919.271), Post-NGRI Commitment (ORC 2945.40), Mitigation of Penalty (capital and non-capital, ORC 2947.06 and 2947.03 respectively), Juvenile Bindover (ORC 2152.10), Juvenile Competency (ORC 2152.51 to 2152.59 Domestic Violence (ORC 2919.271), Informal (current mental status evaluation); Two Year Mandatory (ORC 2945.402), Pre-sentence Investigation (Section 32.2 of the Ohio Rules of Criminal Procedures, including Treatment Recommendations); Intervention in Lieu of Conviction (ORC 2951.041). The content and format of each type of evaluation is determined by the State of Ohio.


Netcare Postdoctoral Fellowship in Forensic Psychology

Please click here to learn more about applying for a postdoctoral fellowship in Forensic Psychology at Netcare.